Currently, it is advisable to import medical mask production machines to be able to participate in supplying masks to the whole world - a very hot niche business. So, what is the procedure to import machinery and equipment for the production of medical masks, and what documents are needed? Read and practice now, don't miss this good business opportunity

While the epidemic is breaking out in countries around the world in general and Vietnam in particular, the need to use medical masks is extremely urgent and necessary. Therefore, the production of medical masks becomes necessary and is a very efficient business. Businesses will need to import medical mask production equipment to start production now so that they can supply the necessary quantity to the market. So, what is the procedure to import machinery and equipment for the production of medical masks, and what documents are needed?

Vietlink would like to provide its practical experience, to help you save money and time.


1. Necessary conditions for importing medical mask production machines:

Because the mask machine is not on the list of goods under specialized management or requires an import permit, the enterprise will carry out the declaration procedures like normal goods, which means that the enterprise needs the following necessary documents:

• Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice)

• Packing List (Detailed packing slip)

• Sales Contract (Commercial Contract)

• Bill of Lading (Bill of Lading)

• C/O - Certificate of Origin (Certificate of origin of goods)

• Product Catalog (Product Specifications)

• Other documents, if any.

1. HS CODE of the medical mask production machine and preferential import tax:

Code 84490010: Normally, this item will be electrically operated. Thereby, this HS code will be applied to the medical mask production machine

For this item, the import tax will be 0%, no C/O is required. VAT will be 10%.

1. Note when importing

Can old mask production machines be imported? Yes, but for a period of fewer than 10 years, the procedures prescribed in Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTG will take effect from June 1, 2019.

Mask machine or mask production line? Declare the name of the goods for convenience?

Usually, medical mask production machines are very bulky and need to be disassembled for convenient packaging and transportation.

If you declare it as a machine, declare it disassembled and make a list of parts + detailed packaging for customs inspection.

If you declare it as a chain, Vietnam customs will require the buyer to check the uniformity of the item. To see if all of these packages are components for one type of machine. Avoid buyers importing pirated components and making false declarations. In this case, when carrying out customs procedures, customs will appoint a uniform inspection party, allowing the goods to be brought back for storage. During that time, shoppers must sign up for a synchronicity test. After obtaining the certificate of synchronization, bring it to the customs to complete customs clearance procedures.

At this point, you already know how to declare the name of the goods, right? However, some local customs (for example in Huu Nghi) do not accept the declaration of the name Machine, they ask to change the name of the goods as a line. So prepare well. Vietlink wishes you the successful business

If you want to find a source to buy mask production machines, or need an experienced and reliable transport and customs declaration for your shipment, please call Vietlink- 0976 58 55 58.

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