Do you want to find a unit that does a full package of customs services to clear your import and export shipments? What do you mean the package includes?

In this article, I will discuss the above topic a little more carefully.

First of all, for those who are new to this field to understand, I will quickly explain the concept...

What is a customs service?

Customs services are jobs that service companies perform to clear goods for customers' import and export shipments. In return, the service party will be entitled to the agreed service fee.

Customs services have 2 options:

Customs clearance: the service unit or individual uses the introduction paper on behalf of the owner of the goods to carry out customs clearance procedures. The service provider does not appear in the name of the legal entity (or individual) on the customs documents. Learn more about customs clearance services here

Customs agents: service companies (individuals cannot do) in their name and use their digital signature to declare declarations, and copy documents to submit customs documents. The service company uses its own name to do the service. Learn more about customs agency services here.

Each of the above methods has advantages and disadvantages for shippers. For example, rental services are very popular now. The advantage is a convenience for customers and service workers. But the downside is that the service party does not appear and is responsible for the procedure, so in some cases, it brings risks to the tenant.

Whether one of the two directions mentioned above, it means that the owner of the goods uses another party's services to do customs procedures for their goods.

All-in customs services include what?

“Package service” is understood by many people to mean that it includes all related transactions and costs. Owners only need to provide documents, sign, and stamp, then receive the goods without having to do anything themselves or pay anything other than a quote.

In fact, customs clearance procedures for different goods are different, sometimes very different. With easy shipments, it's simple, with fewer work steps and less time-consuming procedures. In contrast, a difficult shipment requires a lot of work, a lot of effort, and a lot of time.

With easy shipments, the basic business steps are just this:

Make the customs declaration according to the documents sent by the owner of the goods

Prepare a set of customs documents

Submit documents, pay taxes and do customs clearance for shipments

The above can be considered as a package. Pretty simple, isn't it?

All-in customs service

But not every item is so gentle and smooth. Many items need additional services when doing customs procedures. With the type of import and export business, I can list jobs such as:

Apply for an export and import license: this step is extremely important, because of the lack of a license, declaring the declaration is fine as playing. It can be said that this step should not be included in the customs service. But some brothers and sisters who are new to import and export do not know and want to include it in the price of the package customs service when asking the service unit. In my opinion, the licensing service should be separate, if any.

Specialized inspection: such as quarantine, fumigation, registration, quality inspection, chemical declaration... These operations should also be reported separately, of course, the quotation can be combined if the owner requests it. package customs services

Goods inspection is the actual inspection of goods by customs officers, either by scanning machine or by manual inspection. When the declaration of a red channel, or green or yellow channel is in doubt, it should be checked. Obviously, in this case, there will be costs such as lifting containers, cutting lead, fostering forklifts, and workers ... So it will have to be included in the package quote if the goods have to be inspected.

Price consultation, post-clearance check: these steps can happen but not much. However, for items on the list of price risks, and the customs suspects that the declared price is low, they will switch to consultation (immediately) or for post-clearance inspection (later). Thus, if it arises, it is clear that the person doing the customs service must also conduct the operation unless the owner of the goods does this himself. But if the service unit does, there will certainly be costs, and the package quote also needs to take this fee into account.

Refund of import tax and VAT for imported goods: This operation rarely happens, but often happens in the case of CO debt & full tax payment to clear the goods first, and then have CO payback and request a tax refund. This service, although additional, will take a lot of time, so it is usually not included in the customs clearance service. What happens after the goods have been cleared, should be calculated separately to avoid misunderstandings.

Why need a package customs service?

Whether it is necessary or not, it is necessary to understand why shippers prefer a full customs service. This is the main reason I feel:

The owner of the goods is inexperienced, and does not know the specific skills to clear a shipment, so he wants to hire the service from start to finish until the goods are cleared. What the owner of the goods means is "I don't know how to do it, I want to hire you for the whole package, you have to do it all until it's done, I just need to provide and sign the documents, then pay according to the quoted price".

Shippers want a one-party service to do it all, instead of having to hire several services, each party doing a few stages to complete. For example, with imported cosmetics, the owner wants to hire a company to both make cosmetic announcements and clear import procedures, instead of taxing 2 companies to do 2 stages.

Shippers want to reduce the risk of incurring unexpected costs. Usually, new companies do import and export or are afraid of incurring costs. Part of it is because we do not know what business can arise or spend more. Another part is also "afraid" of the guys who do indecent declaration services or take advantage of charging fees whenever problems arise. Honestly, being in the profession, I also understand and sympathize with customers' worries about cost management, because there are still companies or individuals that do services but don't mind "hacking" when given the opportunity.

That's what the customer wants.

But from the opposite point of view, the customs service people often hesitate to quote the package price, according to how much the total amount (lump sum) is.

It's not because the service provider wants to mess around to calculate the fee later (most of them are). But because at the initial quotation stage, the feasibility of cooperation is not high, it is necessary to make a quotation immediately. Moreover, the information about the goods provided by the shipper is also incomplete, so it has not been determined whether there is a transaction or not, eg: quality inspection. If you want to know, you need to find out, look up, sometimes it takes time, and late quotes fail. Or general psychology: it takes a lot of effort to find out in detail, to quote a package price, but if it doesn't work, it's a shame.


Considering both starting points are somewhat opposite as above, I think that there is no need for a package quote in the form of a total of 5 million or 10 million for all. Instead, it is more appropriate to quote a detailed price for a package customs service. That means what the service includes, I list them all, and if there is more, how much is expected. The arising part, if left to report after having all necessary information, will clearly state "notify later, when there is enough information".

This will harmonize the interests of both parties: the owner of the goods feels secure, and the customs service provider does not have to calculate too much right from the beginning of the quotation.

Specifically, I often quote a package customs service like this:

Customs clearance service fee: … VND/container.

Inspection service fee (if the declaration is a red channel): …. copper/container

The above fee does not include VAT, specialized inspection

So if you are looking for a full package of customs services, please contact us.

Any questions about customs procedures as well as package customs services, please contact us for answers as soon as possible.

Wish your business more and more successful!

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