providing fast air cargo delivery service world wide with shortest timing and suitable cost. Service can cover from warehouse to your nominated address, support you from packing/labling to documents, or pick up. Our pick up areas commences in Bac Giang/Bac Ninh and Hanoi and will be spread nation wide soon. The transported commodity from very little to bulk. Our services are including pick - up, transportation, customs declaration and support, delivery. The destinations are world wide.   

Cooperating with us gives you access to global air freight solutions, courier service based on your individual requirements. We provide quality and high standards through our worldwide network of agents and partners.

Maybe a short transit time and fast delivery are important for you – or perhaps you prefer a cost-effective air freight solution. In both cases, we can help you.

Together, we will find a solution based on what is most important for you.

We can also assist with packing, customs handling, consolidation services and door-to-door deliveries – in fact, everything you need in air freight is fully provided by just click to let us know your requirements.

With our 24/7 quick service as well, 24/7 – swift pick-up, swift delivery, smoothness and convenience, including express delivery within 4 hours after airplane landing.

Besides, we can give our advice to help you fastening your cargo document timing.

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