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1. Check the quality of the fryer

Decision 3810/QD-KHCN dated December 8, 2017, of the Ministry of Science and Technology, promulgates the list of imported goods subject to quality inspection according to national technical regulations under the management responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Science and technology.

Circular No. 21/2009/TT-BKHCN dated September 30, 2009, promulgating QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN, effective from June 1, 2010, for electrical equipment with ordinal numbers from 1 to 6 of Appendix issued together with QCVN 4:2009/BKHCN.

Circular 07/2017/TT-BKHCN dated June 16, 2017, on “Amendment and supplementation of a number of articles of Circular No. 27/2012/TT-BKHCN dated December 12, 2012, of the Minister of Science and Technology The technology that regulates the state inspection of the quality of imported goods is under the management responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology” (The list of imported goods subject to quality inspection is under the management of the Ministry of Science and Technology specified in Decision No. 1171/2015/QD-BKHCN)

Official Dispatch 2421/TCC-HCHQ guiding the implementation of Circular 07-2017-BKHCN dated June 16, 2017


When importing an air fryer, the importer needs to pay import tax and value-added tax (VAT). VAT of air fryer is 10%. Import tax on air fryers: The current preferential import tax rate for air fryers is 20%

2. Procedures for importing air fryers

Hs code for air fryer 85166090 with preferential import tax: 20%,

Import from China with FORM E: 0% import tax,

Import from Korea with FORM AK: import tax: 20%,

Import from Thailand, Malaysia with FORM D: import tax 0%, value-added tax: 10%

Customs procedures

What documents are required for customs dossiers for importing air fryers?

• Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice)

• Packing List (Goods packing slip)

• Bill of lading (Bill of lading)

• Certificate of original (Certificate of origin: C/O form E, C/O form AK, C/O form D, ...)

• Quality check registration form.

• Other documents (if any)

Product label

Imported goods need to be fully labeled according to current regulations.

Goods labels must show the following contents:

1. a) Name of goods;

2. b) Name and address of the organization or individual responsible for the goods;

3. c) Origin of goods;

4. d) Other contents according to the nature of each type of goods


The fryer must comply with the regulations in QCVN4:2009.

To clear the shipment, enterprises only need to have the following documents;

• Confirmation of registration of fryer quality inspection

⇒ To-do: Register for quality inspection

Step 1: Importing organizations and individuals Register for quality inspection at the National Single Window System

In Hanoi, businesses contact Vietlink to prepare paper documents and submit them.

Step 2: Open the customs declaration and clear the shipment. Goods arriving at any port/airport must open a declaration at the customs branch managing that port/airport

–> Submit the certificate of registration for quality inspection of the fryer together with a set of customs documents for shipment clearance


Step 3: Send test samples and issue certificates of conformity

Note: Check the quality according to the imported shipment, so every shipment to the enterprise must also do this step. Where the first batch is imported, the sample to be tested may be destroyed.

Step 4: Import quality results:

After the certificate is up, the system is complete. Thus, you have completed the import procedures and checked the quality of the air fryer.

Shipping cost and import time

Shipping costs and import time are closely related. Depending on the nature of the goods and the level of requirements, international imported goods can be transported by sea, by air, by road, or by express delivery. Each shipment needs specific consideration to make a decision. best fit.

VIETLINK has 16 years of experience in completing procedures and applying for relevant documents for electronic, refrigeration, and household goods. VIETLINK accepts import entrustment of these items. VIETLINK knows very well each cost and time to complete the work. Come to VIETLINK, you will be satisfied with the service we provide

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